Top 10 Questions About iCademy Middle East

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March 23, 2021

We get asked a lot of questions about iCademy and how we operate! Here are some of your most frequently asked questions and some information about how we meet the needs of our students and families around the world.

Are you accredited?

Yes! iCademy Middle East is accredited through NEASC, the New England Association of Schools and Colleges, an accrediting body in the United States. We are also recognized by the KHDA in the UAE.

Can my child get into college/university with a diploma from iCademy Middle East?

Absolutely! iCademy’s graduates go on to universities around the world, including the US, Canada, UK, Australia, and the EU. Our school counselor can work with students on planning for university and submitting applications to help make the process as smooth as possible. It is important to note that each country, and indeed each individual university, can set their own requirements for university admission, including which classes and exams need to be taken at the high school level. Students should research the universities in which they are interested early on to ensure they enroll in the correct courses. Our Academic Advisors are always there to help

How tech-savvy do I need to be?

You do not need to be a tech-genius to succeed at online schooling. If you can turn on a computer and browse the internet, you will be able to help your student complete their work online. Course teachers provide walk-through videos and instructions to help families navigate their way through their new learning platforms. Our new students and families become online-schooling pros in no time!

Is there live/virtual instruction?

All core subjects offer live lessons (Class Connects) for students to attend and get direct instruction. Teachers also offer Live Help hours throughout the week where students can pop in and ask questions.

What do I need to provide to successfully do online learning at home?

Aside from a computer, students will just need a quiet place to work. Some courses, such as science, may require a few cheap materials to conduct experiments from home, however course materials lists are provided at the beginning of each semester to ensure there is plenty of time to gather materials.

Will my student get the opportunity to socialize?

During a typical school year, iCademy has several social outings to bring our students from across the UAE together. These include Sports Day, educational field trips, and excursions throughout the year. With social distancing requirements in place, we do still offer opportunities for students to interact with one another outside of a virtual classroom setting. Online clubs are available for all grades, as well as teacher-moderated chat rooms where students can help each other with homework, ask about assignments, and socialize with classmates from around the world.

What options do you have to help students with special needs?

iCademy’s Virtual Learning Center (VLC) program provides more personalized instruction for students of all ages. Whether your student needs help organizing their schedule, managing their time, or targeted help in a specific subject, the VLC can provide the help they need to stay on track with their studies. For students with severe learning disabilities or special needs, we encourage you to ask about our iCad+ program, which is individually tailored to students’ educational and social development.

How many hours should my child spend on their work each day?

The amount of time spent on school work in a day will vary greatly depending on a student’s needs, ability, and grade level. However, most students find that they spend less time working when schooling virtually than when they attend school in person. Younger students may spend 20-30 minutes working per subject per day, whereas high school students may spend an hour or more in their more advanced courses.

How do I track my child’s progress?

Each student has an Academic Advisor whose job it is to touch base with the family monthly to discuss grades and progress. Learning coaches can also check their student’s grades in the course itself at any time.

How involved will I be as the parent/learning coach?

iCademy views parents and learning coaches as partners in a student’s education. Therefore, communication between teachers, advisors, students, and parents is open and ongoing. Younger students will certainly need more help and direction from their at-home learning coach than older students, however all learning coaches are expected to take an active role in their student’s learning.

We hope this post has answered some of your burning questions about life at iCademy Middle East and how we can make online schooling work for your family. Contact us today for more information!