Lower School Teacher Support

In Lower School, students are assigned a single “homeroom” teacher – a highly qualified teacher with specific expertise in the lower grades. This online teacher oversees all facets of the instructional experience for every subject, while the Learning Coach works side-by-side with each student to facilitate his or her progress through the daily lessons. Throughout the week, the teacher stays in close contact with the learning coach and student, communicating regularly by school e-mail, over the phone, and in one-to-one, real-time meetings that take place online. 

Middle School Teacher Support

The Middle School parent or designated Learning Coach continues to work closely with their student to facilitate progress through the daily lessons. Students are exposed to more content-specific teachers in grades 6-8. Middle school instructors possess deep expertise in their dedicated subjects. They provide feedback and grades on student unit assessments and teacher graded assignments in their content-specific subjects to help prepare students on their journey toward high school. Throughout the month, each teacher stays in close contact with the student and the learning coach, communicating regularly by school email, Skype, over the phone, and in one-on-one, real-time meetings that take place online via Virtual Classrooms and Study Hall sessions.

High School Teacher Support

High School courses are taught by subject-specialist teachers. They grade students’ assignments / assessments, respond to student questions via school e-mail, Skype, or phone, conduct live online teacher led classes supplement the course content, and conduct online Study Halls which allow students to “drop in” with questions. Please note – teachers will respond to any Skype messages, voicemails, and school e-mail within one school day. Furthermore, all teacher-graded assignments will be graded, with feedback, within three school days.

Role of the Learning Coach / Parent

iCademy Middle East requires each student to have a designated Learning Coach. The Learning Coach is typically a parent, but could be another adult relative, tutor, or other individual who is the point of contact for the school and who will work directly with the student to help insure their success.

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The iCademy Middle East School Counselor is an educated professional responsible for working with families and schools to ensure student success in an online environment.  The School Counselor reports to the High School Department Lead, but also works closely with the Head of School, Learning Center Supervisor, Lower School Department Lead and Middle School Department Lead as appropriate.

The School Counselor is responsible for:

  • College applications and letters of recommendation
  • Career awareness, exploration and planning
  • Support with Individual Learning Plan (ILP) and goal setting
  • Supporting transitions from Lower School to Middle School and Middle School to High School
  • Peer relationships, coping strategies and effective social skills
  • Communication and problem solving
  • Academic Support (exam anxiety, time management, study skills)
  • Personal Development
  • Implementing and supporting the Child Protection policy as necessary
  • Referral to outside providers and professionals as necessary