iCademy Middle East is an American online school for students from KG through to Grade 12. We offer support from qualified and experienced Western educated teachers who reside in this region and in Europe. We are the only KHDA licensed online school in the UAE and we are NEASC Accredited and offer teacher led virtual classes, using our own platform. We have multiple start dates. We have been in the UAE for 12 years and have enrolled over 4000 students. Currently we have over 750 students and over 50 online teachers.

1. Do you have a Learning Center where the students can attend?

Our Learning Center in based in Dubai Knowledge Park and we support students with a low teacher to
student ratio.

2. How do students study online?

Students need to log in to our online platform and are assigned their own teachers along with a Homeroom
teacher for KG- Grade 5 and an Academic Advisor for Grade 6 through to Grade 12.
The teacher will contact you on the first day of school and will work closely with the student to ensure that
they are fully supported and on track with their coursework. We have 2 Semester per year (each is 5
months) and the end date depends on your start date. Both the students and parents will have their own log
in access details. 

a. Do you provide me with a timetable?
A pacing guide/ calendar is provided by the online teacher, teachers do not send schedules, students
follow a pacing guide/ calendar. Teacher Live led classes are available throughout the week, classes
are also recorded and can be replayed on our platform. Your canvas calendar can be used to manage
work due; it is recommended that you use the agenda view so that you can see all outstanding tasks.
b. What time do the live classes take place?
Virtual Live classes are scheduled to UAE timings (GMT +4) during the week, all classes are recorded
in case of absence and can be played back at your leisure. Teacher/ Student ratio is maintained at
1:15 to ensure engagement, students can contact the teacher directly via google chat for further
c. Will you send me textbooks?
All our material is digital and can be accessed through our online platform. Students are required to
submit their online coursework, quizzes, essays and exams.

3. Where are the exams held?

Exams are taken at home online; the date and time is set by our school. The platform is secured in order to
ensure that students cannot open any other webpages.

4. How many hours am I required to study per day?

Students in KG through to Grade 8 are required to study between 4-6 hours per day, 5 days a week.
Students in Grade 9-12 are required to study around 6 hours per day, 5 days a week.

5. Are you licensed by the KHDA? Will you provide me with a KHDA Transfer Certificate (Leaving Certificate) so that I can move to any other school in the UAE?

Yes, we are the only homeschool in the UAE that is licensed by the KHDA and NEASC accredited, students
will receive their KHDA TC from our school and can transfer to any other school in the UAE.

6. I am enrolled in a British/IB/CBSE curriculum can I enroll with you? And can I transfer back to any other curriculum school?

Yes, students from any other curriculum school can enroll with us and we provide students with our official report card and KHDA TC and you will be able to transfer to any other curriculum school.

7. Is your report card and diploma valid abroad?

We are fully licensed and accredited, and our report cards are accepted by schools abroad. We offer
students an American High School Diploma that is fully recognized by Universities Worldwide. Please check our university acceptance page on our website.

8. What subjects do you teach in KG through to Grade 8? And what subjects do you teach from Grade 9-12?

In KG through to Grade 8 students are required to take 4 core courses (English, Math, Social Studies and Science) and can choose 2 electives which is optional. Please do refer to our course catalog for more details.

In Grade 9-12 we follow a credit system and students are required to take 6 courses per year, English, Math,Social studies and Science + 2 electives in order to earn 6 credits per year. You would require 24 credits in order to graduate. Please refer to our course catalog for more details on the high school courses.

9. Do you teach KHDA courses? (UAE Social Studies, Moral Studies, Islamic and Arabic?)

Yes, as we are KHDA licensed our students who reside in the UAE and chose to be KHDA registered will need to take the KHDA courses, we offer full online teacher support on these subjects.

10. What is the role of the parent, if the student studies from home?

Students studying from home require their parent (or another responsible adult) to serve as the ‘learning
coach’, The learning coach works in conjunction with the teacher, helping facilitate progress through the
daily lessons and working to modify the pace and schedule according to the child’s needs. The learning
coach assists the student as well to stay on schedule, monitors attendance, and communicates with the
online teachers.

Although parents play the role of learning coach for their students in managing the schedule and ensuring
the student is completing work at a reasonable pace, teachers remain constantly involved
to monitor progress, ensure mastery, and develop specific intervention plans when a child is studying.

11.  Are there any social activities run by the school? Do you hold a graduation ceremony?

We organize monthly social activities for all of our students, it is optional for the students to participate.
Previous activities include: Wild Wadi Waterpark, Sports Day, trips to the Museum etc. We also hold a
graduation ceremony in Dubai at the end of the academic year for all of our high school graduates.
Please check out our iCademy Middle East Youtube Channel for sample lessons and video’s. If you would like to find out more or are ready to enroll with us, then please do get in touch with our Admissions Office at Dubai Knowledge Village, Block 12, unit F-12,
Tel. no.: 04-440-1212 or email us at info@icademymiddleeast.com.