Virtual Learning Coach Program


The Virtual Learning Coach Support Program (VLCP) may be used by students residing anywhere in the world, providing the following additional virtual support:

  • Daily check-in and registration
  • Weekly progress update and assignment tracking
  • Live conference group sessions
  • Scheduled drop-in sessions for one-to-one support with a Learning Coach

This additional service is available to all students who reside in the UAE and worldwide.

Will my student still get full online teacher support if I do NOT add on the Virtual Learning Coach Program?

Yes, all students receive full online teacher support. Our teachers work closely with the students and parents to meet their academic needs. However, if your student still requires EXTRA virtual support, our Virtual Learning Coach Program can help. You can opt into this service any time within the school year (start dates are monthly) with a minimum one-semester or five month commitment.

Virtual Learning Coaches

Our qualified Virtual Learning Coaches provide guided instruction and individualized support to ensure the student is fully aware of his or her daily assignments and subject requirements. They provide additional support at a level that makes our curriculum more accessible and manageable for all of our students. Very often students can become overwhelmed when they first embark on the journey of virtual learning, where independence and self-motivation are key skills. Our Virtual Learning Coaches are that vital link between the student and their online teachers, aiding their development as self-directed learners.

Add-On Fee to Online Tuition: Please contact the Admissions Team for further details.

Service can be added for 1 semester or for 1 full academic year: 5x or 3x a week ( price varies).

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