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April 19, 2022

Each year, iCademy Middle East’s chapter of the National Honor Society completes a group service project. The project is designed and implemented completely by the students, with minimal help provided by the teachers and advisors. This year, the students decided on a letter-writing campaign designed to reach out to marginalized and underrepresented groups around the world. Please see below for a word from our National Honors Society students on how you can help!

Never has giving ever felt so good. Giving the gift of warmth and kindness, to be exact, to those in more unfortunate and ill-fated situations. We are privileged enough to enjoy a life filled with material gifts, the warmth and comfort of our families and friends, and to live healthy and sound lives. However, there are some who may not be blessed with such luxuries. For them, simple gestures such as a hand-written letter filled with hope, sincerity, and kindness may mean the world to such people.

People often complain that they might not have the time for volunteering, or engaging in acts of charity, given their hectic lives. For such, we offer an efficient and caring solution.

Letter-writing- National Honor Society

Imagine penning down a hand-written or virtually -written letter and sending it across the world to individuals in need. Imagine the happiness or the myriad of positive emotions they might experience. This is where we come in. We request each one of you to do the same so as to fill the hearts of such individuals all around the world with immense happiness. Do it for the unfortunate souls, who need not our pity, but our magnanimity in these testing times. Do it to feel good about spreading cheer and joy around the world. The best we can offer as humans is kindness without boundaries or limitations or without borders. Let’s do it right

Organizations that you could send letters to include:

Letters Against Isolation

Love for Our Elders

Girls Love Mail

Calvary Global Kids

Letters of Love

To participate, go to this year’s official NHS Project Website on your laptop at: and follow the sign for “Send a Letter” and follow the instructions.

Please make sure to go through the organization’s website and read the requirements for their letters.

We highly encourage all students and parents of all ages to participate in this project. There is no minimum amount of letters that you can send!

The NHS students also have an Instagram page where they will send out all the recent updates for this project with reminders and dates, so please check the Instagram page and show your support!

NHS Instagram: @lettersofhope.nhsproject

Thank you so much for contributing or showing your support! We hope to receive your letter soon.

Kind regards,

NHS Students