Back to School – Getting Back Into The Right Mindset For Online Schooling

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October 10, 2021

Well, the summer is over, and we are back to school and reality with a bang! We’ve had a great start to the new academic year at iCademy Middle East, and students and teachers alike are getting back into the swing of all things learning. With our first month already nearly in the bag and students both old and new settling into their routine, how we ensure we make that transition from summer holiday mode to Back-to-School?

We’ve done some research and put together some of the best ideas we found and came up with to help in case some of us are still holding on to that holiday feeling!

  • Have something to look forward to.

When we have had so much fun over our long summer break, whether it was full of exciting fun filled experiences or relaxing at home with our feet up not having to think about our next assignment, that feeling of being free without those expectations is a great feeling. Having something specific to look forward to those first few weekends is a life saver after we finally head back to school. It means that we know we will still have a chance to have that feeling again at least once a week where we don’t worry about the constraints of trying to gain that school-life balance.

  • Plan, Plan, Plan

Teachers are big planners, and we usually always have a plan in place for everything. This is no different for students and parents going back to online schooling. Get a diary and plan your week, or even just your day ahead. Give yourself targets that you want to reach within that timeline and try your best to stick to them.  Younger students will be excited to plan their day or week with the help of a parent, with a specific place to write these down.  This will not only help you get and settle into your routine but give you a sense of accomplishment as you tick off each of those things on your list.

  • Create your perfect school space

Schooling at home can be tricky as there can be a lot of distractions.  Having a great space where you can go to get and stay focused is important. Make sure you have plenty of space for your laptop/computer, your notebooks and anything else you may need including that coaster for your water! Set your space up the way you like it, in a way that will maximize your comfort and learning output. Try to choose a place with as much natural light as possible to keep you nice and refreshed and awake.  There is a lot of inspiration on social media for attractive school-from-home spaces—browse these with your student(s) for ideas! Think natural baskets for school supplies, a cork bulletin board to post notes and reminders, a table or floor lamp with a warm light as opposed to harsh overhead lighting, 

  • Get plenty of Sleep

Over the summer we have been used to later nights and longer, lazy sleep filled mornings. Getting back into the school routine of early nights and even earlier morning does not appeal to many of us, however, to make sure we don’t miss those early morning classes, listen and perform to the best of our ability and complete those daily or weekly tasks we have set ourselves, we must make sure we are getting a good night’s sleep. Depending on our age and house rules, making sure we stick to our sleep guidelines will prove extremely beneficial when getting back to those all-important routines.

  •  Be Prepared

It’s an oldie, but a goodie. You have your target for the week, and you know what you must get done but do you know what you need in order to complete those targets? When are the online teaching sessions you should attend to help you understand the objectives being taught that day? Where do you go for live help so you know when you can talk to your teacher if you need help? Are there any other resources you will need to help you complete your assignments? These are questions to ask yourself every morning to make sure you are prepared for your day ahead and to ensure it will be successful.

  • Start as you mean to go on!

We want this to be another fantastic, successful year. To make sure we cruise through the year with that positive mind set, we must strive to start with it from the very beginning. If we start on the wrong foot, it’s very hard to maneuver our thoughts to where we want them to be, whereas if we start the way we mean to go on, we can’t lose!

Good luck this year! Whether home schooling in Dubai or anywhere else in the world, I hope this article has given you some ideas to make that transition from summer to school a little bit easier.