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Throughout the school year, local trips and events are organized by our school for all of our students to provide an opportunity to develop socially and experience new activities.

School Trips - Local Trips And Events

Students in the UAE interact with teachers and other students through regular outings and field trips. Many of these activities are culturally and educationally oriented – visits to the Abu Dhabi Grand Mosque , Sharjah Wildlife Center, and Dubai’s Bastakiya have been among the events . Additionally, we offer online clubs and social events where students may meet other students with similar interests.

Online Clubs- Events And Announcements

iCademy Middle East currently offers more than 100 online club options for its full-time students. These clubs for grades K-12 are often initiated and brought to life by energetic teachers and students eager to share their passion for an activity or topic with other like-minded learners. All clubs are teacher-moderated. The potential of adding new clubs is as broad as our school’s international reach. 

Our clubs offer many of the same features as those in a traditional setting, as well as some added benefits. The only difference is that students connect through our web-based meeting tool, rather than face-to-face.

iCademy Parent Community -iCademy Middle East Online Clubs

The primary goal of the iCademy Parent Community is to create a positive and supportive school community that fosters academic and personal growth for all students. The iPC achieves this through various activities, such as coordinating school events, organizing fundraisers and volunteering in the school. Open to all parents, the iPC brings the whole school community together – students, parents, and staff – to help create a positive and engaging learning environment that benefits everyone involved.

The iPC a great way to become more involved in your child’s education, connect with other parents, and make a positive impact on the school community.

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Past Events

World Book Day – March 2023

World Book Day is a wonderful opportunity to celebrate the joy of reading and to encourage children to discover the magic of books. On this day we had a range of

UAE National Day – November 2022

The online and Hub students got together to celebrate the UAE’s 51st National Day. Our student’s made videos and other creative content explaining why they are so

15 Years Anniversary – November 2022

It is a momentous occasion when a school reaches its 15-year anniversary, as it signifies a decade and a half of providing quality education and

Dubai 30×30 – October 2022

The Dubai 30×30 initiative through exercise brought our online and Hub community together. No matter where our students, teachers or parents live in the world,