As an accredited school, iCademy Middle East offers its graduates an American-curriculum international high school diploma accepted by schools, colleges, universities, and employers around the globe. To graduate and receive a diploma from iCademy Middle East, students must be full-time and complete 24 credits in the following subject areas. Each full-year course earns one full credit:

  Subject Area YEARS Credits
English (Language Arts) 4 4
Maths (Algebra 1 and higher) 4 4
Science (Must include 2 lab science credits) 4 4
History (Must include 1 credit of US History) 4 4
World Language (Must be 2 credits of the same language, must be a non English course) 2 2
Health Semester 0.5
Physical Education Semester 0.5
*Electives 5

*Electives can be selected from our Course Catalog

Accreditation standards require that all students must successfully complete a minimum of 6 of the 24 required credits with iCademy Middle East, and must spend their senior year (the last 2 consecutive semesters of their academic tenure) as a full-time student, to be eligible for the diploma.

For full-time students, iCademy Middle East will consider accepting credits earned at other institutions when an official transcript(s) has/have been received. Transfer of credits from a public school or accredited private institution will be considered on an individual basis. Transcript analysis will sometimes require further research and contact with prior institutions to determine the eligibility of transfer credits. International records may require translation and/or evaluation prior to being considered for transfer credits. Transcripts from other institutions that have been presented for admission or evaluation become part of the student’s academic file and will not be returned or copied for distribution.


Students grade levels are assigned according to the amount of confirmed credits earned.

GRADE Credits earned
9th up to 5.75
10th 6 to 11.75
11th 12 to 17.75
12th 18 and up


iCademy Middle East Regular core classes are graded on a standard 4.0 scale, where a grade of A = 4, B = 3, C = 2, D = 1, and F = 0. Honors classes are weighted by a half point (A = 4.5, B = 3.5, etc.) and AP, or Advanced Placement, are weighted by a full point (A= 5, B = 4, etc.) The GPA, or Grade Point Average, is calculated by averaging the score of each class taken at iCademy.