15 Years Anniversary – November 2022

It is a momentous occasion when a school reaches its 15-year anniversary, as it signifies a decade and a half of providing quality education and shaping the minds of young individuals. The milestone is a testament to the dedication and hard work of everyone who has contributed to the school’s success over the years.

At the heart of every school are the students, teachers, staff, and parents who make up the school community. On this occasion, it is important to recognize the contributions of each of these groups. Students are the reason why the school exists, and their hard work and achievements are a testament to the school’s success. Teachers and staff provide the guidance and support that enable students to reach their full potential. And parents are important partners in education, working closely with the school to ensure that their children have the best possible experience.

Overall, a iCademy’s 15-year anniversary is an occasion to celebrate the achievements of the past, recognize the contributions of the present, and look forward to a bright future. This milestone is an opportunity to recognize and appreciate the contributions of everyone involved in the school’s success.