In Response to Coronavirus pandemic, How E Learning is an effective solution.

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March 29, 2020

What a year 2020 has been, and it’s only March! A few weeks ago, many of us assumed that the novel Coronavirus was simply a passing illness that would barely affect us. However, with the uptick in cases, global school closures, and general panic, it is clear that this situation will change our lives for the foreseeable future. One of the main ways many families are having to adjust is having their children out of school.

During Coronavirus Pandemic, the school closures are, at the time of writing, implemented in over 80 countries, including the UAE. This means tens of millions of students are unable to access their learning. Many schools are attempting to provide lesson plans and move to online platforms to supplement during this time. However, this is a rushed process and not always comprehensive in the amount of actual learning it can provide. Teachers are doing their best but it is difficult when their school may not have a fully implemented online learning approach to build on.

An option that many families are now considering is switching to an established online school during this Coronavirus Pandemic, such as iCademy Middle East, which is one of the Best American Schools in Dubai. There are many benefits to this approach

Organized Curriculum

Online schools have pre-organized their curriculum, so it is easy for students to navigate their lessons, see what is ahead, and review any concepts with which they need extra help. Unlike traditional schools, online schools have their curriculum up-front and accessible to families who want to get a better handle on their students’ learning. For students switching mid-year, they are able to jump in right where they left off.

No Missed Standards

American online schools use the same curriculum and Common Core standards that their public school counterparts do. This means that your child will cover all the same content and topics online that they would in their traditional schooling environment. Families who try to tackle homeschooling on their own often have to do lots of research and planning to make sure their students don’t miss any crucial standards and end up with gaps in their learning.

Full Scope of Learning

Online schooling provides many different kinds of activities and is appropriate for students with a variety of learning styles and preferences. Just because the curriculum is found online, doesn’t mean students have to spend 8 hours a day staring at a screen! Online curriculums provide activities, worksheets, games, and outside assignments for students to complete. The flexibility offered with learning online means that students have plenty of chances to engage spontaneously with their environment (not as much, at the moment!), their family, and their passions.

Social Interaction Included

Many families worry that moving to homeschooling or an online school will have a negative impact on their students’ social lives. However, there are many ways to supplement this, even while “social distancing!” Online schools such as iCademy Middle East have class discussions, online meetings or Class Connect sessions, and even clubs that students can join. No matter if you live in Dubai, another Emirate, or elsewhere in the world, your student will still have access to a whole community of other students who are going through a shared experience. And that can make the whole situation a lot easier to handle!

While the Coronavirus is scary, it doesn’t have to shake up everything! If you feel like your current schooling situation is not enough to engage your student, consider switching to an online school.

*iCademy Middle East is an American curriculum online school that provides a comprehensive education to students based in the UAE and around the world. We are NEASC and KHDA accredited, and provide individualized learning and instruction from grades K through 12.