Our online School caters for grades K-12 we offer lower, middle and high school courses.

Both the K12 and Nisai are online-based curriculums which are internationally recognized for their high-interactivity, flexibility, and individualization. Students develop independent learning skills that prepare them for a university education. Both the American and British curriculums are available to study at home.

In our virtual schools the parent (or other responsible adult), working in conjunction with the teacher, serves as a “learning coach” to the child, helping facilitate progress through the daily lessons and working to modify the pace and schedule according to the child’s needs.

Although parents play the role of learning coach for their students in managing the schedule and ensuring the student is completing work at a reasonable pace, teachers remain constantly involved to monitor progress, ensure mastery, and develop specific intervention plans when a child is struggling.

Students residing in the Arabian Gulf region-including United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, Lebanon, Iraq, Iran, Syria, Egypt, Jordan, Libya, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Turkey—to enjoy the benefits of the full program at home.