What makes us different



At iCademy Middle East, every individual matters. All of our students get an individualized program of study that is specifically designed to match their needs and interests.

At iCademy, no child is left behind as our approach to learning and support ensures that every student is catered for and supported through their learning journey.

iCademy has been established and prevalent in the Education sector for over fifteen years and it is fully accredited. iCademy wasn’t established a result of the COVID-19 , the learning platform was actually designed intentionally almost twenty years prior to the pandemic. It has stood the test of time, and as the requirements and demand for online learning have increased, we have evolved to ensure that we offer the highest quality of provision for our learners. 

Students utilize our online curriculum, the Accel Management Platform (AMP) for Education. iCademy Middle East is aligned with Ohio and Common Core State Standards.

An Individualized Learning Plan is tailored for each student. This ensures a customized program that fits each students’ unique strengths, targeted areas for support, learning styles and aptitudes. A learning coach is provided for students who study in the Learning Center. This certified teacher facilitates progress through daily lessons in the K–8 environment, and plays a supportive role to help the student stay on task through grades 9-12.

Cutting-edge technology enables individualized learning to happen anytime, anywhere. The online school provides daily lesson plans, as well as delivering announcements, online discussions, and communication and support tools to tie the overall learning experience together.

iCademy Middle East offers virtual clubs available to all students, as well as social activities on a bimonthly basis in the UAE.

For parents who seek a blended option, our Knowledge Hub in Dubai caters for parent’s needs, and students can attend physical classes in-person, and receive academic support and enrichment to match their needs.

We don’t just talk about flexible, individualized learning, we are fully committed to providing it. Our program is externally recognized and accredited.