iCademy Middle East, a NEASC-accredited, KHDA-licensed online school, proudly introduces our summer credit recovery program.   Credit recovery provides high school students an extraordinary opportunity to make up missed courses to ensure a smoother path to high school graduation.  Our World Languages and electives allow students to advance in their studies outside of the normal school schedule.


For students who are missing a half credit, full credit, or more, there is no better way to help them earn these credits than enrollment in iCademy Middle East.  Students have access to their course(s) 24/7.  Our dedicated online teachers will support your high school counselor with regular updates on progress and concerns.  We truly want to be your partner to ensure that all your students graduate on time.  Credit recovery courses can also be used for students looking to get ahead and have a reduced workload their Senior year. 


Today’s students will graduate into an increasingly interconnected world. According to a study published by the University of Oregon entitled Benefits of Foreign Language Learning, “the global economy necessitates that students understand other languages and cultures in order to secure the most competitive careers.”  

iCademy Middle East offers Spanish, French, and German.  The courses are offered by semester.  Upon successful completion, each student will earn a half credit that can be transferred on to their official transcript and report card from your school as an elective.  High school students can take up to three years of Spanish and French and two years of German.

World languages are a great way to boost a student’s university application!


  • Please share our High School Credit Recovery Guide with your high school students.
  • For students interested in summer enrollment
    • Summer Term One: June 15 – July 13
    • Summer Term Two: July 14 – August 11 course, please share the details attached. 
  • Your school will be required to assign someone as the designated learning coach.  The learning coach will be updated on student progress throughout the course.
  • With a minimum school participation rate of only 20 students, we are pleased to offer your students an unprecedented discount as a benefit of being enrolled in your school.

Enrollment Steps:

  1. Complete the Application Form*
  2. Send a passport copy through to us
  3. Process payment online

For more information and a consultation, please feel free to contact  at +971 440 1212 or Jeffrey Smith at 052 378 4801.