Our iCad+ group is a unique environment in Dubai specifically created to cater for students with mild to moderate learning difficulties. By working in a small group setting we can focus on individualized objectives for our students with a range of special educational needs, whilst retaining an inclusive ethos. Our students, as valued members of our wider iCademy Middle East community, participate in all iCademy Middle East school events e.g. Sports Day, National Day, school trips, and camps.

Who do we cater for?

Students aged 12 to 21 years old, who have a wide range of learning issues.

  • General Learning Difficulties,
  • Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, Dyscalculia,
  • Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) / ADHD,
  • Asperger Syndrome, Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • Speech Language and Communication Difficulties,
  • Mild Cerebral Palsy
  • Visual Impairment
  • Auditory Processing Issues
  • Behavioral, Emotional and Social Difficulties (BESD)
    e.g. anxiety issues

iCad+ the Individualized Program for students with learning difficulties:
Dubai Learning Center

Our Specialist SEN Approach

Together with our students we chose this acronym for the iCad+ Group, which reflects the special aspects of our group, and its unique identity within the larger iCademy Middle East school community.

  • Our narrowed focus on core academic subjects, and sensitive pace allows us to foster as much meaningful engagement as possible for each individual student
  • Our small group approach for additional support and communication opportunities
  • Our low student: learning coach ratio of 6:1 allows students the personalized attention they need. We concentrate on core subjects of English, Math, Science and History
  • We adapt the pace as appropriate (for example, for students working below a grade 5 level we can allow a grade to be taken over 2 years).
  • We have a flexible and responsive approach to each individual’s learning profile for example, we can choose the most appropriate grade level by subject rather than by year group.
  • We incorporate a broader focus on personal development: social communication, personal organization, dealing with confrontation etc. as these objectives are vitally important to the student’s long- term adaptability and personal success.
  • We support Activities for Daily Living (ADL) and self-advocacy.
  • We are a registered International ASDAN International Centre offering a range of ASDAN courses including Workright and Employability
iCad+ played a major part in the NEASC accreditation process and we became the first NEASC accredited blended model school.
Indeed, we were delighted to get a special metion from the visiting accreditation team.

"The iCad Plus Program provides an underserved demographic of students with meaningful vocational, social and personal skill development”.