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April 24, 2018

Ramadan Charity Boxes
Written by NHS President: Reham Zia

The National Honor Society (NHS) is a nationwide organization mostly consisting of high school students. However, it is not the usual club you may find in your school- which is commonly easier to get into and participate. The NHS accepts you as a participant once you submit in an application that consists of all your accomplishments, winnings, leadership roles, and most of all your GPA. Once accepted, students go through a process called the Induction. It is usually during the first month of the NHS semester that Presidents, Vice Presidents, Secretaries, and Treasurers are chosen- this makes up the Executive Council. The following applicants are now members, for which you receive a token of by the NHS.

This year embarks the first year of iCademy Middle East’s National Honor Society. In which virtual students come together to formulate a rigid group project that they can start up together, but work out through online communication. Through a vigorous ride of planning and organizing, we have finalized a project that will mark our name. iCademy Middle East’s students from all over the world concluded to conduct a project for the laborers in the UAE. Students will send through boxes filled with goods applicable for Ramadan, as it soon approaches in this overwhelming heat. We hope you too could donate as it would be appreciated by our school, the laborers, and the NHS. We are proud to have incredible support from our overseas faculty, hardworking members, and finally, iCademy Middle East for authorizing us to conduct this project at their Learning Center in Dubai Knowledge Park.

Best regards,
Reham Zia

(National Honors Society President)