Middle school



In Middle School students learn from subject specialists to ensure they master the more challenging concepts presented in the core subjects, such as Pre-Algebra, Life Science, American History, and English. An Academic Coach works with all Middle School students to oversee the whole student, overseeing non-instructional matters and guidance through the school year.

Each Middle School grade includes the four core subjects—Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies—along with music, art, and five world language options. Each course continues to be flexibly paced, allowing students to move at the speed that best suits their needs, and nearly all K12courses are complemented by hands-on materials. In Middle School, students are challenged to examine more in-depth topics, such as:

  • English: Literary interpretation, analytical writing, and oral communication skills
  • Math: Problem-solving skills in geometry, algebra, probability, and statistics
  • Science: Earth, physical, and life science at standard or advanced levels
  • Social studies: Interconnected surveys in American and world history, from prehistoric to modern times
  • World languages: Competency-level language development in Spanish, French, German, Latin, or Chinese
  • Music: Exploration of famous composers and their works
  • Art: Studies of great works of art, and the artists and cultures behind them