We are fully inclusive at iCademy and welcome all students. Our curriculum works well for many students with mild to moderate learning disabilities, health impairments and other special needs.  The academic program can be tailored up to two levels higher or lower than age-appropriate grade as necessary, in a single course or all courses.

We are able to support students who are learning English as a second language; mild to moderate learning disabilities; ADHD and ADD; students with hearing and/or speech difficulties; students who are homebound due to physical and health impairments; and students with mild to moderate Autism spectrum disabilities.   

Teachers provide additional support and recommendations for students with special education needs, including providing extra time for completion of certain assignments, one-on-one assistance, provision of recordings so students can review class connect sessions as many times as necessary, and the modification of some assignments where required, for students with hearing, health or other impairments.


Any student seeking enrichment in grades K-8 is welcome to take part in the K12 Advanced Learner Program (ALP). The ALP has been developed in close coordination with the National Association for Gifted Children.

Through the program’s National Learning Circles, students can explore an exciting spectrum of topics that help enhance reading, writing, research, critical thinking, and other skills. ALP coordinators meet every other week to share best practices on exercises and projects for the gifted and talented.

Unlike typical “gifted” programs, the Advanced Learner Program is uniquely inclusive of motivated students at all levels who seek extra academic enrichment and stimulation.