Dorlyn Weybourne

Nationality: Filipino
Job Title: Senior Enrollment Counselor

I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology and graduated from Saint Louis University last 2003. I have been working in the academe for 10 years. I was a peer counselor while I was studying and I was school registrar in one of the prestigious IB schools in Dubai for 5 years. I am now on my second year as an enrollment coordinator in the iCademy ME office.

Before I moved to Dubai, I was a team officer in charge and a trainer for huge BPO institution which provided support for a global web services company.

I come from a family of educators, my father was a professor and my mother was a primary school teacher. We are a bunch of artists as well. I used to perform in stage plays during my younger years. I am now a fan of dragon boat and Zumba! I am a foodie and cooking is my passion.