Social Events

Please see below the provisional events scheduled so far for 2016-17:

Pinktober  – Thursday 27th October 2016
Term 1 High School Outing – Thursday 17 November 2016
 Fun Day in the park – 9th February 2017
Camping Trip – Grades 5-12 – 21st March 2017
 Aquaventure Water Park Trip – 18th May 2017


Important notes:

  • As it stands, these are the provisional dates and ideas for our outings, these dates can be subject to change. In some cases there is a maximum time restriction for bookings. Rest assured, parents will receive plenty of notice. Please check OLS-mail for more details.
  • All outings are open to the entire school community. Certain trips such as bounce will have separate timings depending on age.
  • There will also be virtual tours created but these are currently in process. They will be themed towards the culture and understanding of the region. Please check email for more details.
  • We will also be exploring the possibility of some additional outings. Details to be confirmed at a later date.


Contact details for school social events:
Diarmuid Geraghty