Why Live an Ordinary Life When You Can Make It Extraordinary

April 2017

Why Live an Ordinary Life When You Can Make It Extraordinary

Academically gifted and talented students make up approximately six to ten percent of the total student population. A lot of students today need something more from life than the traditional school way of learning. Some students are gifted with talents that make them extraordinary. Their passion for other activities is what makes them better, rounded and much more successful individuals.

That’s the kind of students we cater and encourage at iCademy Middle East. We give students a great platform with a recognized curriculum. We help students to balance both academics and vocational, they are free from the walls of schools giving way to help them, fulfill their dreams and desires for other interests. One such student is Saif Manna, who is a full-time online student, currently in grade 12.

Saif is a young and artistic chef, his undying love for food and cooking came from his early years at the tender age of 8. He sees food in a completely different perspective using all his senses to understand and explore. Saif is an inquisitive foodie who likes to breathe his food before even tasting it, which makes him a little different from other people. He explained, “Only if it smells right and adheres to my standards, I proceed to taste it.” Whilst preparing a meal, he imagines how flavors would blend together and complement each other.

Make It Extraordinary

Saif practices his cooking every day and has a huge fan base following him on his Instagram page called “peel_n_dice”. In a conversation with him, he said cooking gives him a sense of calmness and immense joy. He is very clear and focused with his culinary interest, which has successfully got Saif an acceptance offer to pursue this interest at the Le Cordon Bleu school in Paris.

Another fascinating side of Saif’s talents is in the sport of Tennis, which runs in the family. His mother was a junior squash champion and uncle was a junior world champion, so racket sports are in the family. His mother received a flyer stating that tennis lessons were being held at the local tennis court, that were quite a few blocks away and it wasn’t very difficult to convince the enthusiastic learner, that he should try it, ever since then he has been hooked.

Make It Extraordinary

The online schooling powered by the K12 curriculum has given Saif a fantastic opportunity, as it offers an individual and flexible approach. One of the reasons Saif enjoys online school is because at iCademy ME they put the student first, which is something many schools fail to do, says Saif.  The online education system is designed to be informative, but at the same time is entertaining and entices you to want to learn more.

Saif also shared, “At iCademy Middle East they have a variety of interesting subjects available. In addition, they do their best to socially engage home-schoolers through interactive learning and discussions and off school activities. iCademy ME teaches you to be independent and instills a variety of skills to aid you in your daily life. I have grown as a student and as a person with iCademy Middle East and couldn’t have asked for a better school to be part of in my final years of high school.”

This is the very reason why It is not very difficult for Saif to explore and enhance his skills in other areas of interest, giving him the flexibility to study at his pace, yet balancing between two different interests that he manages very well. His explained his motivation “I train for many hours a day and that makes me hungry, so I cook to eat. When I’m not playing tennis, or studying, I’m resting and my rest includes cooking, so it’s really something I do in my free time. He also added, “My food page gives me special orders for cookies, which gives me some pocket money to spend on racket stringing and more, so I think cooking and tennis, at least in my case, compliment each other.”

During our interview with Saif, we were able to share Saif’s mom’s experience with us Ms. Rula who acts as his Learning Coach expressed her pleasure and how she feels about iCademy Middle East and the online K12 program. “Having moved from a very academically competitive school Saif managed to cope with the academic material, despite some hurdles as a natural result of changing from one system to another”.

“As a parent, I must admit that the K12 program offered by iCademy ME gave my son, Saif Manna, the opportunity to fulfill his dreams, and be able to continue both his schooling and pursue his passion in playing tennis and cooking. I have watched my son turn into a happier, more confident young man, with greater self-esteem and a clearer vision of where he hopes to see himself in the future.” expressed Ms. Rula.

Saif’s message to all students his age is Be BOLD, be FEARLESS, BELIEVE in what you do and most importantly be HAPPY”


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