Making Summer Count with Online Summer Courses

March 2017

Making Summer Count with Online Summer Courses

The current challenges facing traditional “bricks and mortar” high schools, including higher tuition, budget cuts, and course shortages, have led many parents and students to search for alternatives—including online education and accessing courses outside the typical school calendar.

Did you know that iCademy Middle East offers High School summer school courses online? A summer school course is one which offers intensive tuition in certain subjects over the summer months when most schools are on an extended break.  If your student is hoping to graduate a bit early, failed a course, or is just looking to improve his or her transcript for a University application, summer school just might be the answer!

Why do students seek out a summer school program?

  1. Improve grade point average on a transcript
  2. Remediation for a subject that your student may struggle with
  3. Preparation for university and entrance exams
  4. Improve English or World Language skills
  5. Making up credit from a previously failed course
  6. Early graduation
  7. Keeping skills sharp over the long summer months


It goes without saying that the academic value of a summer school is substantial, whether it’s aimed at helping lower-achieving students improve their grades or coaching the brightest scholars for entrance to top universities. An academic summer school program, especially one that provides convenience and flexibility, offers many opportunities that will help boost students to new heights.


Why should the need to learn during the summer cause your student to miss out on your family’s travel plans? Online courses offer freedom to study while traveling–anywhere you have a dependable Internet connection. You can enjoy fun and travel as a family, while your student spends some daily time completing courses.  He or she can even learn Spanish or French…as you travel Spain or France!


The value of a summer school doesn’t end with its benefits to your student’s school work, university applications and grade point average. It also has positive repercussions on his or her future career plans. Online school offers elective courses that your school might not have. Want to learn more about web design, archaeology, or even veterinary science? There’s a summer school course for that. Your student can keep exploring a potential college or career path and earn elective credit at the same time.

With online summer classes, learning becomes a worthwhile way to spend the summer months while still making time for family fun and relaxation. iCademy Middle East offers summer courses that require an average of four hours per day to complete.  No dress codes, no social pressures, and the ability to school anytime day or night—or from anyplace with internet access– make an online summer school program even more appealing.

Interested in a flexible, online summer school program?  Contact iCademy Middle East at +971 4 440 1212.  Make summer count!


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