Living the spirit of Inclusion and Teamwork

May 2017

Living the spirit of Inclusion and Teamwork

 Inclusion has been a hot topic in the world of special education for some time, and will continue to be so as many children with special needs have been unfairly excluded from education because of their learning difficulties, and can become isolated and marginalized.

At the heart of inclusion is a principle that there should be ‘schools for all’, and that education should accommodate diversity and provide learning opportunities for everyone.  In practice, this can be interpreted in different ways, with varying degrees of integration and inclusion along the way. However, often there is a gap between reality and the ideals of inclusion.

Equally important to the ideals of inclusion is the question of what students with special needs should be taught, and this topic is less often discussed. At iCademy Middle East, we believe every student has individual strengths, and that everyone should be given the support to develop to their full potential. Our iCad + program is a designated program for students with special needs or General Learning Difficulties. In our curriculum, we support the broader learning objectives for students with special needs, so that they can develop the necessary, functional life skills to help them transition to adulthood.

To celebrate these vital skills, each year our iCad + students host a party for their families to showcase their practical, cooking and organizational skills, working together in a group and most importantly their social and communication skills. This year the theme of the party was “Team Work”, and each student had an important role in preparing and hosting the Garden party for their families and wider school community



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