Desire To Dream Big

April 2017

Desire To Dream Big

When you’re growing up you’re told to dream big, reach for the stars, and you can be whatever you wish to be. More than likely you have big dreams for yourself: being a doctor, a teacher, an advocate, the list goes on. Sometimes society steps in and tells you that your dreams are too big. You wonder how a dream can be too big? The thought and possible action may even make you give up on that dream.

In this big world of opinions is a rising star who is finding her way to shine bright and is working towards making all her dreams reality. Ghazaal Tavanaei, 17 a student at iCademy Middle East is multi-talented. She is an actress, teacher and willing to be a successful entrepreneur one day.  Ghazaal started modeling at the age of 14, she was not sure of what she really was doing. On her first day, she was in tears as she was told she didn’t have great facial expressions and wasn’t very fit, however, today her facial expressions are what makes her stand out. She has starred in three Bollywood music videos, a Korean food TV commercial, VOX cinema advert, a short film for a university project, Haier TV commercial and a few more.


Desire To Dream Big


Ghazaal, who is a huge fan of Disney movies developed her acting skills and herself which successfully got her a job offer for a Disney show that took place in Reef Mall and she felt more like a vacation not work.

Ghazaal also has a keen interest in writing a fictional book with her father’s support, she has the idea and thoughts on it around the story of “Htrae” earth backwards, about changing life there, human behavior and how the reality of life is a maze, however, she said it would take a lot of work and preparation which she is willing to put in.  She shared her long-term goal which is to build a school with a more advanced approach to the education system, more suitable for the new generation, education has changed in the past 20 years but there are more alterations that can be made. Online education is one such step she believes, it is her biggest dream and she is certain she will somehow bring a change to the education system


Desire To Dream Big


Ghazaal shared her love for the whole idea of online learning, as this has opened so many doors for young adults trying to start a career, a lot of athletes may need to start at young age and with normal schooling they may find it hard to manage their time, also some may even have to pick between their passion and education, but with iCademy Middle East, online schooling you get the best of both worlds. Sharing her personal thoughts Ghazaal explained how online schooling gave her the opportunity to do acting, with many other activities of her interest while getting her education. This way she could gain a lot of work experience along with her academics, which gives her better chances of getting into her choice of top universities. She also expressed her concern about how bullying is a real problem and having the option to choose online education is a relief. However, it required students to manage their time, adapting to it might take a while but it teaches and develops time management skills at a young age, which is a great skill as one grows up and makes you more independent. Also, in her opinion online or private schooling increases focus since there are no distractions when you are studying, in addition to that you can work at your own pace.

“I remember when I went to school sometimes I had to slow down for other students and sometimes I had to go too fast which caused me to not understand things clearly.”  

With online schooling, you can choose to be ahead of time but at the comfort of your understanding.  Another benefit of having the online school which is very important is some students tend to travel due to personal reasons and may have to leave their school for a short period of time and fall back or may have to start again somewhere else, with online schooling one won’t face this issue since it is international and accessible anywhere.

At some point in your life, someone has looked at you and said your dreams or aspirations are not possible. No one knows the drive you may have for chasing after your goals.  When asked about what is the key driving factor behind her success, she answers this extremely common question with one-word DESIRE. She explained, The desire for anything will help you get everything you wish to achieve”. Nothing starts out the way you want it to, nor one should have high expectations, but always stay strong and be sure of yourself. Ghazaal concluded by saying don’t allow anyone to tell you who you are, the most successful people today were once told they couldn’t do it, so self-belief is the only way to go.  “You can go anywhere as long as its forward.”

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