Bullying Awareness Week – How Bullying Affects Us Inside

November 2017

Bullying Awareness Week – How Bullying Affects Us Inside


Today in our workshop I introduced the students to two apples. The students didn’t know this but before the session I dropped one of the apples a number of time to ensure that it was bruised inside.  When I introduced them to the apples, both apples looked the same from the outside.  We discussed both apples being the same – both green, same size, same fruit etc.

I picked the apple which I had previously dropped and told the students that I didn’t like this apple – it was horrid, I didn’t like the stalk, it was bumpy.  I told the students that because I didn’t like it, I wanted them to dislike it too.  We passed the apple around the circle calling it names.  We were very mean to the apple and I felt a little bad for it at the end!

We then passed the other apple around and said very kind words to it – You are a lovely color, I bet you taste great and you are my favorite were some of the examples.

I held both apples up and we again talked about their similarities and differences – there was no difference, both apples still looked the same!

I cut both apples in half.  The apple we had been kind to was juicy and crisp. The apple we had been horrid too was bruised and squishy inside.

This was a sudden realization for the students!! What we saw inside the apple (the bruises and mush) is how we feel when someone is mean, unkind or mistreats us. When students are bullied, they feel bad inside but this doesn’t always show on the outside and we wouldn’t have known without cutting it open how much pain we caused it.

We all shared stories of bullying, on the outside we looked ok but on the inside we were really hurt / sad. We discussed what to do if we see bullying happening or are being bullied and the students were really engaged and pro-active with ideas.

We then finished the session with all the students telling each other something they liked about one another.


– Katie McLean, The Virtual School Counsellor

Facebook: The Virtual School Counsellor

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