Assessment is an essential part of any school and curriculum. At iCademy student learning is monitored by teachers and administrators on a continual basis.  Within the curriculum, courses offer frequent assessments in order to enable teachers, students, and families to monitor student progress and prevent any student from being left behind. Frequent and regular assessments, clearly tied to learning objectives, help ensure mastery. The results of these assessments are used to update each student’s individual learning plan.  In Middle and High School, teachers review, grade, and offer feedback on submitted assignments which helps our students make good progress. Lower School assignments are submitted for feedback by our homeroom teachers.

Across all levels of the curriculum, students generally take an exam midyear, and/or a more comprehensive final exam at the end of the school year (or semester, for HS students), as well as at the conclusion of each unit throughout the year.


At times, our students undertake standardized assessments and they are administered by our Learning Coaches and teachers to further individualize the curriculum for the student. The following standardized tests are utilized:

MAP (Measures of Academic Progress) Testing

As part of the UAE National Agenda and our NEASC accreditation, and to provide an international benchmarking for student achievement, these assessments are implemented for Reading, Language Usage, and Mathematics for grades 2-12.

Advanced Placement (AP) Exams

AP exams are given annually and can be taken by any student. A student does not need to have taken AP courses to sit for an exam; however, students who perform well on these exams have typically taken the related AP course and done well. These are standardized exams that measure how well the students have mastered college-level coursework.