Arabic Language



We recognize the importance of the Arabic language, and therefore a rich Arabic language curriculum compliments our international curriculum, aligned to US standards.

Within our school, the teaching and learning of Arabic is a key priority. We believe that   a good level of understanding of the Arabic language is necessary for all students, and a high level of fluency is necessary for Arab students.

We adopt a communicative approach, where language facility is first grounded in speaking and listening, and the everyday experience of language. On this foundation, students are taught and given motivating language practice so that they build vocabulary, reading and writing skills in equal parts. Occasional opportunities are taken to immerse classes in using the language, for example by adopting Arabic as the language of interaction during the week running up to the National Day.

iCademy follows the standards for Arabic as set out in the UAE Ministry of Education Curriculum.

In alignment with our philosophy, the Arabic department provides high levels of well-paced spoken interaction in the classroom and targeted assessment and feedback that concentrates less on ‘correction’ and more on helping students to understand the next higher challenge.

We use a range of teaching resources including Ministry materials, artefacts, people (interviews and conversations with local personalities and family members) and trips/visits.