iCademy Middle East Open Morning – 21 January 2018

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يناير 19, 2018


Bespoke approach to personalized learning

iCademy Middle East is opening its doors on the morning of Sunday, 21 January 2018. Parents are invited to tour the first-class Learning Center at Dubai Knowledge Park and discover how iCademy Middle East’s unique, affordable, and flexible home-schooling benefits pupils, along with blended learning and special education needs programmes.

Families who use the iCademy Middle East system are able to create their own bespoke approach to learning, built around the individual child’s specific needs. Parents and students can make schooling work for them as the schedule can be built around your day, not the other way around.

Utilizing the award-winning K12 curriculum from the United States, iCademy Middle East is the only home-schooling system in the region to have achieved New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC) accreditation – the gold standard for accredited US curriculum.

From kindergarten all the way through to grade 12, iCademy Middle East students are able to learn at home with their learning coaches or attend the learning centre, where fully-trained staff of educators are on hand to lend support and provide guidance.

iCademy Middle East Students are able to learn at their own pace, taking extra time overcoming challenging subject matter, or moving to the advanced level if it’s all a little easy! Most importantly, we believe that because children are individuals, their education should be built around how they individually learn best.
Parents of students at iCademy Middle East know that while their children are receiving the highest quality education, the bespoke nature of the service produces happy, independent and engaged children.

Cody Claver, iAcademy Middle East’s general manager said: “Parents can learn about a unique opportunity to really take charge of their children’s education. Schooling at home gives parents the opportunity to see their children in a totally new way as learners. They get to experience those ‘aha moments’ that typically only the teacher sees.

“We are confident about offering a proven, affordable, and engaging education model for kids. Having been in Dubai for over 10 years, iCademy Middle East is a pillar of the community, and it is our pleasure to show our visitors around and give them a first-hand sense of what makes iCademy Middle East great.

“They will also hear other parents testify to the quality of iAcademy education and the benefits to their children. Not just advertising claims, but genuine testimonials from very satisfied customers.

“Parents interested in joining us should call (+971) 4 440 1212.”