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أكتوبر 15, 2018

Student Spotlight: Jack Sinclair (Inventor)

Jack Sinclair is originally from Ontario, Canada and is currently completing 11th grade at iCademy Middle East. Jack has a great passion for Physics with the long-term goal of contributing to the space travel technology industry. On top of this, Jack has grand ambitions of one day improving the quality of life for humankind through his inventions and ideas. Working toward this ambition, Jack’s first working invention is inspired by the failings of other similar designs. With previous designs failing to recognize the laws of thermodynamics, Jack has built the ‘Water Generator’ around it. The ‘Water Generator’, takes moisture out of the air by using a 14,123 ftof cooled aluminum pipes (the pipes are cooled much like a refrigerator) to make condensate from the air. The water is then collected at the bottom of the machine in a water reservoir. Refrigerant liquid is compressed and turns gaseous and as gas flows through condenser coils, it loses heat turning back to liquid. The high-pressure liquid is depressurized (thus cooled down) and flows through the pipe system. The cooling system is powered by a 3-kW solar panel array, which folds onto itself for ease of transportation. Jack designed the ‘Water Generator’ as a means of helping those in need of clean water.

“It is common for many international organizations to use access to safe drinking water and hygienic sanitation facilities as a measure for progress in the fight against poverty, disease and death.” Jack expands, “it is also considered to be a human right, not a privilege, for every man, woman and child to have access to these services. Even though progress has been made in the last decade to provide safe drinking water and sanitation to people throughout the world, there are still billions of people that lack access to these services every day. Many people not only in Africa but Asia lack clean water supplies.” Jack’s hopes his ‘Water Generator’ invention could one day provide these such people access to clean water.

To view Jack’s profile and visuals of the ‘Water Generator’, please visit his website:

Jack is grateful for the flexibility of the iCademy Middle East, K12 online curriculum, which allows him to pursue these ambitions on top of his day-to-day school load. The college Jack is aiming to attend requires him to be a year ahead in Mathematics. With the advanced and individualized program iCademy Middle East provides, Jack has been able to work at his own pace, ahead of his peers, in order to accomplish this academic goal.