Being at K12 has taught me academic independence for which i will be eternally grateful for! I’ve gone from an average student & almost giving up on Math to getting an outstanding outcome.” – Tsitsi  (Graduate – Class of 2016)

“The ability to connect with the teachers was a wonderful interactive experience. I am glad my son was part of the K12 Academy.”Cecilia Saleh (Parent)

“I am grateful to K12 for giving me the opportunity to study at home with my siblings, to choose my own courses, to learn at my own pace and to discipline myself. I am thankful to all the teachers who have helped me in my assignments, made difficult material clear and bought the lessons alive. It has been a very enriching experience being a home-schooler.”Haleema Adi (Graduate – Class of 2016) 

“Thank you for giving Christian an opportunity to combine his School & Tennis!”  –  Eivind Linge (Parent)

“Today is the first day of the rest of my life. Thank you K12 & all my tutors for giving me the opportunity to live life to the full.”Edward Feast (Graduate – Class of 2015) 

Cale started his education at a regular school in Canada, but K12 has given him the opportunity to join us on this international journey.” – Robin McGowan (Parent)

“We are more than happy with Online studying at iCademy Middle East. My daughter is doing very well, and I can see it. It is really good online learning center. Teachers, Learning Coach are excellent educators and really supporting my daughter whenever she needs help. Teachers has an ability to generate interest to study, which is very important. Studying Program at K12 is very interesting and instructive.I will always advise my friends to join with iCademy Middle East! Thank you iCademy Middle East!”Mrs V UAE (Parent)

“We’re very satisfied with the curriculum. Sports Day and other chances to get involved are appreciated. Homeroom Teachers and Academic Coaches are excellent! They are always positive and try to help set new goals. I like to see the kids becoming more independent.”Mrs P UAE (Parent)

“iCademy Middle East has served our family well. We have been pleased with everything from the detailed, straightforward lessons, lesson guides, and support we have received from everyone at iCademy Middle East.” Mrs C UAE (Parent)


“Our family is extremely happy with the choice me made to educate our daughter through iCademy Middle East. I would recommend the school to anyone. I have seen her flourish in ways this year that is absolutely amazing. Thank you for the amazing support from everyone and we look forward to another amazing year.”Mrs W UAE (Parent)