About iCademy Middle East

At iCademy Middle East, we are all about potential. In fact, we surround students in our Lower, Middle, and Upper schools with a team of committed teachers, counselors, and academic coaches to ensure they reach their true potential. Parents and Learning Coaches are surrounded too, with extensive support so they never feel alone.

We are also focused on the individual. With each student, we develop an Individualized Learning Plan, a multi-year personalized learning strategy. Your team of teachers, counselors, and academic coaches will continuously monitor the learning plan to make sure your child reaches all of his or her goals.

Along the way, we want to help rekindle the innate joy for learning that all students have, whether through the engaging, award-winning curriculum and its hundreds of courses or the school’s vital social community.

We are so gratified by what we hear from students and parents about the difference that iCademy Middle East has made in their lives, helping them on their child’s personal journey to reach their full potential, whether it be an exciting career or acceptance to a prestigious college or university around the globe.

Message Frohead-of-schoolm Head of School

Dear Students and Families,

I am honored to serve as the Head of School for iCademy Middle East. We welcome you to our school, where we are focused on ensuring excellence for every student, empowering each one to be successful in higher education, the workplace, and in life. We believe that our individualized programs enable each student to achieve his or her true potential. 

Our mission at iCademy Middle East is to provide a high quality, online and blended learning school for students from all over the world.  We are committed to building an excellent learning environment for all students, whether schooling online, in our Learning Centers, or in one of our blended-model school partnerships.


We are currently participating in a rigorous US accreditation process, through which we are continuing to refine and improve our school. I am pleased to announce that our school has been granted Candidacy Status with the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC), and presently our curriculum is fully accredited through AdvancED.  Over the past two years we have built up an academic staff dedicated to serving students in the GCC region; refined teacher evaluation processes; and partnered with a number of schools and learning institutions throughout the region to offer a world-class, individualized education.


The 2016-17 school year marks my fourteenth year in virtual and blended-model education. As a long-time teacher, administrator, and as the parent of three children, I have experienced firsthand some of the challenges involved in educating students with unique learning styles and interests. It is my hope that our school can help remediate these challenges by providing continuity, a rigorous curriculum aligned to US standards, and an individualized educational program for each student.


We truly believe that all of students have the potential for success, and we continue to demonstrate commitment to ensure that every student receives an education that will prepare him or her for the next level and beyond.



Diane Claver

Head of School