Individualized Learning

An Individualized Approach

Whether your child is looking for a greater challenge, or just needs some extra support and flexibility, iCademy Middle East offers an innovative approach to learning for students in grades Kindergarten through 12.

At iCademy Middle East, we realize that not all students learn the same way.  Using the award-winning K12 curriculum, we have found a way to bridge gaps and stretch students’ learning towards successful academic outcomes.  Our individualized, flexible approach to learning can help meet the diverse needs of each student in the class.

Our highly-qualified teachers work with you and your student to create an Individualized Learning Plan, monitor progress, and provide high-level feedback and targeted intervention when needed.

iCademy Middle East provides:

  • A fully accredited, US-curriculum program available to students throughout the GCC
  • An easy-to-use learning platform that’s available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week—wherever internet connection is available
  • Support from highly-qualified teachers, academic advisors, counselors, and staff
  • Multiple start dates throughout the school year for maximum flexibility
  • Full- and part-time school options
  • Flexible course placements, above or below age-appropriate grade level when necessary, in one or more areas of the curriculum for grades K-8
  • High School Core, Comprehensive, Honors, and Advanced Placement® courses, plus Remediation and Credit Recovery options
  • Standardized testing with Measures of Academic Performance (MAP) to help target learning needs
  • Individualized Learning Plans and graduation plans
  • Regular progress updates, plus semester and end-of-year report cards or transcripts
  • Students who graduate receive a fully accredited, US-curriculum diploma from iCademy Middle East


Full-time students’ days include a combination of:

  • Engaging online lessons, interactive activities, and virtual classroom sessions via the Online School
  • Independent “offline” activities using iCademy Middle East-provided materials, including textbooks, workbooks, science supplies and more
  • Interaction with teachers and classmates
  • Planned student activities and parent/learning coach support as needed

iCademy Middle East can help you give your child a flexible, individualized and high-quality education that prepares him or her for higher education and life beyond college.   Expand your children’s access to high quality curriculum and content by tapping into our extensive digital catalog designed for grades K-12 and available in multiple levels.