Blended Learning

What is Blended Learning?

Blended learning combines different methods of instruction to enrich student learning and personalize education. Blended learning harnesses the power of technology, enabling multiple modal strategies to allow teachers to personalize students learning in an efficient manner.

A blended learning environment involves a regular shift to an online or digital environment for a portion of the learning day. Because the blended learning environment is orientated around individual learners, it enables teachers to successfully meet each individual child’s needs. Students are able to reach their individual potential and are not limited by single teacher capabilities. The result? Students are continually engaged and challenged leading to better individual outcomes.

Benefits of a Blended Learning environment:

  • Improved student engagement, motivation and persistence
  • Better diagnosis of learning difficulties and gaps
  • A competency based environment where students progress as they master each stage in the learning process
  • Improved progress metrics and tracking
  • Improved parent communication and involvement
  • Better individual learning outcomes